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Works In Progress Hacks Info Page

Screen Shots 2

About my ff1 hack it's been delayed do to no time to work on it and due to the resent death of a friend. However  I have another ff hack that I may or my not release depends on how things turn out, besides its an easytype cheat hack and thats not what I want to do with final fantasy, I only made it so I could play though the entire game as fast as possible and never die. So it would be a real spoler and I don't think anyone would want it anyway. So no news but bad news no new hack yet to come until next week. Maybe  by end of next week I will have finished my dream hack bug's bunny's super mario brothers, I already got my new bunny and it looks more like bugs then before, So now all thats left is level hacking and some minor text and graphix changes. The level hacking has already been started but once I finish it up it won't be here because it's going to be submited to first and unless it is rejected it won't be hosted here.

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